FAQ Questions


Can I receive anyone’s numbers upon request?

Yes, provided that the person you are trying to contact approves your request.

Can people see if I searched names?

No, people can’t see if You searched names. But, when You send a “request” to a person to get their information, then that person-if he accepts to share his information- will know your identity.

What are private requests?

A private request is a Premium feature that allows users to contact other users by name. Depending on contact settings, a user may send a private request’ to see another user’s details. The user will be notified when requests are sent and he may then choose to share his number or not, entirely at his own discretion.

Who are ‘people you may know’?

These are people you might know based on mutual friends, work and education information, networks you’re part of and many other factors and connections.

Why do I get ‘No Matches Found yet’?

If you search for a number and it does not give you any results, then unfortunately the number is currently not in our databases. We are constantly working to improve our database to give you the best results. Hopefully we will have the number you are looking for very soon.

Can anyone contact me through NumberBook Social?

Yes, anyone can contact you through NumberBook Social if You have your chat turned On.

Can a person call me through NumberBook Social?

Yes, a person can call You through NumberBook Social, but, please keep in mind that the call will be charged as a normal phone call based on the rates of each country.

How do you get your data?

We get our data partly through partnerships with different white/yellow pages around the world and partly through our own database.

This database which is contributed by our users (opt in functionality and via manual synchronizing) and maintained by us is the core value of NumberBook Social towards the goal of an ultimate global phonebook.

Users from all over the world voluntarily contribute to this directory and in return they get access to this special database and get significantly better search results. Even in countries where we have public directories, NumberBook Social data is used to enhance the data quality. Please note that, phonebook contribution has been and always will be optional. Only phone numbers and names are used and all data is transferred and kept under extreme security measures by NumberBook Social.

What information does NumberBook Social access?

NumberBook Social only accesses your phone’s contacts when you voluntarily agree.

By allowing Your Contacts’ information to be collected, You give NumberBook Social the right to use these Information as part of the Service and You guarantee that you have any and all permissions required to share such Information with us.

You agree that, by allowing your Contacts to be collected, you give us the right to make your content available to other users of the service.

In addition, once You share your Contacts with us you help enhance the results shared with other users.

If you deny access to your phone’s Contacts, You will have a limited access to our Service and NumberBook Social won’t be able to provide certain services to you.

Upon manually synchronizing your contacts and data list, the Application only collects the name and related phone number from your personal information stored on your mobile device.

NumberBook Social only accesses the name and phone numbers stored in your phone book which will securely be sent to our servers.

NumberBook Social shall not share, sell, trade, or even re-organize this information with outside and third-parties, other than in accordance with the Terms of Use.

What happens when I block someone in NumberBook Social Chat?

When you block people on NumberBook Social Chat, you will no longer receive NumberBook Social messages from them.